Wedding party in front of Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Gothic Limos in Paris?
inside one of our limos In Las Vegas, by the Paris Hotel and Casino Hearse and Church
At the park Gothic couple and limo Look closely, is there a spirit in this picture?
Gothic limo and the Las Vegas Strip Gothic friends just having a good time in a Las Vegas Park Gothic Limousine
Outside the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel two of our most popular coaches Our limousines are roomy
Limousine and Paris Hotel and Casino Hearst and Paris Hotel Gothic Limo's
SScream Gothic wedding party Friends of Gothic Limos
When the low heavy sky weighs like a lid
Upon the groaning spirit, prey to long monotonies,
And embracing all the horizon's compass
Pours us a black day, sadder than our nights.

When the earth is changed into a dank cell
Where Hope flees bat-like
Beating the walls with timid wings
Striking its head against the rotten roof;

When the rain spreads out its endless trains
Like the bars of a vast prison
And a silent race of loathsome spiders
Come spread their nets deep in our brains.

Suddenly the bells ring out in fury
And hurl against the sky a fearful scream
Like homeless wandering spirits
That stubbornly begin to groan.

And long hearses, without drum or note
Parade slowly through my soul; Hope beaten
Weeps, and dreadful Anguish, despotic
Upon my bowed skull plants its black banner.

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